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Industrial Flaker :

The Pragati Enginnering Works offers flaker, industrial flaker, chemical flaker, flaker machines to convert molten chemical in to solid flakes. This is achieved by forming a thin layer of molten product on the outside surface of a rotating drum and causing this to be solidified by spraying cooling water from inside surface of the drum. An adjustable scrapper continuously removes the solidified from the drum surface in flake forms. The material of construction for the drum can be mild steel,Stainless  Steel with / with Hard  Chrome Plating,  normally Monoblock for weldable materials.  This  construction  ensure lifelong alignment,  surface  will be  machined and  ground finished.  Drum Rotating on  antifriction self  aligning  ball / roller  bearing  with standard  Housing.  Heavy duty drive  arrangement for smooth, continuous  and  trouble free running.  V-Pulley or Variable  speed arrangement  also provided for  optimum performance.  The Flaker Machine will be complete  with 1440 RPM,  3 Phase, 415 volts, TEFC / ISD motor,  with gear box,  Tray,  Hopper,  M.S. hood,  Belt Guard. Machine mounted on heavy base-plate for trouble free service.  It’s optional features is Screw Conveyor, Flaker Breaker,  Film thickens controllers,   Complete  enclosure for Hazardous application.  Company  also  providing pilot  unit  which is  available for, to take  running  trial on receipt  of sample  about 15 Kgs. Company  carries  out the test on it, to produce reliable information’s  on  outputs and for the  scaling of purpose.  Flaker used in Acetanilide, Fatty acids, Monochloro acetic acid, Nickel catalyst, Naphthalene, Resin, Waxes and so many other products.
Special Features:

• Designed for trouble free operation
• Low Cost operation
• Continuous Process
• High thermal efficiency
• Minimum thermal degradation
• Accomplishment of flaking in a single step
• Uniformly flaked product


DIMENSIONS:(mm) 600 1000 1000 1000 1200 1250 1500
LENGTH:(mm) 1000 1250 2000 2500 2500 3000 3000
GROSSAREA:(mm) 2 4 6 8 10 12 14.5